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Hairmax Density Hair Conditioner

Hairmax Density Hair Conditioner


Shine With Hairmax Density Hair Conditioner

Nourish and strengthen your hair with Hairmax Density Hair Conditioner. Infused with vital nutrients for healthier, fuller-looking hair. Try it now!


  • Adds visible body and volume to hair
  • Provides moisture and hydration to hair
  • Fortifies hair cuticles

Improves manageability, combability and detangling

  • A low-pH formula gently exfoliates and strengthens
  • Protects your hair from damage
  • It makes your hair look fuller, healthier and also stronger

The Science Of Hair Growth

HairMax for EXHILAR8 Conditioner, with NRG8-pLEX, propels conditioning to a higher level. Our thirst quenching formula infuses the hydration your thinning hair craves. It also helps prevent breakage and protects your hair from damage caused by heat, styling and environmental stress. Sealing in essential nutrients, this hair rejuvenating formula fortifies each strand, leaving your hair looking fuller, healthier and stronger.

Exclusive Ingredient Blend Hairmax Density Hair Conditioner

An exclusive proprietary blend of eight highly effective ingredients, including caffeine, apple stem cell, Reishi Mushroom and also Niacinamide, that together provides the scalp and hair with increased energy, stimulation, and essential nourishment vital for healthy hair.

NRG8 – pLEX takes hair science to a new level with a targeted delivery system that focuses on the hair and also the biological ageing of the skin. This delivery system maximises the penetration of the activities and magnifies your hair results. The gentle cleansing effect and moisture-balancing properties prepare the scalp and hair to receive the NRG8 complex, bringing life back into lifeless hair and providing the optimal treatment for fuller, healthier-looking hair. Moreover, HairMax combines the science of promoting a healthy scalp with rejuvenating properties.

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Customer Reviews

12 reviews for Hairmax Density Hair Conditioner

  1. Margie Goujon

    The product works!

    I like the product it leaves my hair fuller without leaving it greasy

  2. Izabela

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Leaving hairs smooth and shine

    Nice smell

  3. jeanie

    Did not give volume at all to hair and made color treated hair too dry and like straw. Will throw away. Do not recommend this product at least not on color treated hair.

  4. Mariemacm

    Great Product

    This conditioner has done wonders for my hair. I notice a difference after a few washes. I’m not sure if my hair is getting thicker but it has definitely stopped the hair fall. I highly recommend this brand. I love this conditioner and will continue to use it.

  5. PALS

    Returned item

    Just didn’t like this product once we tried it.

  6. francine smith

    No hair loss

    Normally I would loos a lot of hair during wash. Happy to say I did not see any hair in the sink! This will be my hair regimen

  7. Amazon Customer

    Helps with hair loss but I havent seen any new growth after about 2 months use.

  8. Amazon20202020

    Results may vary

    Smells really good

  9. Terry F

    My hair looks thick and feels great since trying this product along with the conditioner. Also smells great. Along with this I added a hair & nail supplement which also has helped with hair falling out.

  10. Ofelia Almaguer

    No funciona no crece cabello nuevo tampoco lo engruesa. the hair does not grow nor does it add thickness

  11. TheDeal

    This shampoo does what it says it will do. My hair feels lighter, full of body and easier to manage. However, it is not meant to use every day because is will dry out your hair. Use 1 or 2 times a week and you will live the results!

  12. OHSP

    Use it everyday

    Been using it for years

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