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Mediceuticals X-Folate



  • D – Dandruff
  • S – Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • P – Psoriasis

Shampoo for the treatment of various scalp problems.

  • – Helps treat dandruff, flaking or a red, irritated scalp.
  • – Soothes a red and sensitive scalp.
  • – Slows the production of excessive skin cells.
  • – Removes build-up of dead skin cells.
  • – Works anti-inflammatory.

Mediceuticals® Scalp Therapies are specifically formulated to treat various problems, including dandruff, oily and dry scalp, scalp sensitivity, and scalp irritation. The line consists of technologically advanced products designed to target specific scalp issues and help restore scalp and hair health.

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Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Mediceuticals X-Folate

  1. Gintare

    Best product I’m using it for some years now. Nothing works like it from dermatitis it’s just amazing.

  2. alessandra s.

    This product is really good as a treatment set. Feels clean and well priced.However, it may help with dermatitis and regular scalp itchiness or dandruff, but didn’t resolve my bad scalp itchiness (I have psoriasis). The set was recommended in salon and my first treatment was applied by a professional. I then continued to use it at home.It cleans the scalp really well and calms it down instantly but the effect doesn’t last past a few hours (or didn’t for me) and since psoriasis is a faster than usual build up of skin to slough off, am not sure anything really works. At this point, 20 years into it, I think I have tried most of the products advised by dermatologists, but the solution is elusive.

  3. Reviewer

    Was advised by trichologist to use this kit for scalp inflammation. This is the only shampoo I can use that doesn’t cause a red and itchy scalp. The scalp rinse does leave your scalp feeling refreshed but difficult to comb through your hair afterwards. I use a normal conditioner on the ends which helps. Recommend this kit if you have red or itchy scalp. It is expensive but lasts a few months.

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