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Hairmax LASERBAND 41 ComfortFlex



Clinically Proven Hair Growth Laser Device. FDA Cleared* for Men & Women. 5 Month Money Back Guarantee. 2 Year Warranty.

The New COMFORTFLEX LaserBand 41 is designed for speed, effectiveness, comfort and ease of use. The LaserBand, delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 41 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). Working through the process of photobiostimulation, the LaserBand 41 stimulates hair follicles at a cellular level to promote hair growth, reverse hair thinning, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and help regrow denser, fuller hair!

Featuring an innovative COMFORTFLEX band design, it adjusts to fit comfortably. Lightweight and portable it allows for freedom of movement during treatment and while travelling. The unique curved design incorporates patented hair parting teeth which part your hair during treatment to ensure maximum laser light delivery to your follicles. The hair parting teeth, the laser light intensity and the laser light density work in unison to provide a highly effective treatment for hair loss and thinning hair.

LaserBand 41 Includes:

  • HairMaxLaserBand 41
  • Rechargable Battery
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual – Quick Start Guide
  • 2 Year Laser Device Warranty

Use the LaserBand 41 as little as 3 minutes, 3 days a week to experience new hair growth with increased density and fullness.

HairMax 5 Month Money Back Guarantee:

We believe in our HairMax Laser devices and the benefits they provide to so much that we back it with a full 5 month money back guarantee.

Use HairMax for a full 5 months, if you are not completely satisfied with the results, return it for a refund *20% restocking fee applies.


Below are before and after photos showing the successful results men and women using HairMax Laser devices have achieved. See our actual clinical study photos including detailed macro photos. Photos provided by physicians and hair loss specialists showing the results their patients have experienced are also shown. (May not represent typical results you may experience.)

We believe in our HairMax Laser devices and the benefits they provide to so much that we back it with a full 5 month money back guarantee. Use HairMax for a full 5 months, if you are not completely satisfied with the results, return it for a refund *20% restocking fee applies.


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Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Hairmax LASERBAND 41 ComfortFlex

  1. Ba

    Not for long thinning hair.

    I purchased this device because of the described advantage of the comb like teeth’s ability to separate the hair allowing for the full benefit of the laser. This product has to be repositioned every few minutes to get the described benefit of the lasers to the scalp in the thinning areas. I love the fact that it is cordless but the timer vibration with beeping notifications seem constant and are not pleasant when trying to relax and enjoy the treatment. I have thinning long hair and noticed more hair strands pulling away from my scalp after using this product every other day for about a month. The minimum treatment time is 12 minutes No information on how long one could exceed the minimum. Decided to return.

  2. D R

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Would recommend

    Solid and easy to use. Definitely lasers not red lights as some suggest. Sellers were brilliant when a query about delivery arose (surprised me in a good way).

  3. Kalahanna

    Très facile et rapide

    J’ai reçu mon Hairmax il y a une semaine et demie et pour le moment je ne vois pas encore de différence. J’ai l’impression que mes cheveux sont plus épais mais il est peut-être encore trop tôt pour des résultats plus évidents. Je posterai d’autres commentaires dans quelques semaines

  4. Troy

    Seems to work great

    I’ve been using this for a while now and it has way more lights than my first hand held one, so easier and a lot less time to use. It is working well – my hair is doing and looking great – not falling out easily. It charges pretty fast and the charge lasts pretty well but the instructions say to charge after each use which I think seems unnecessary and overkill.I was really expensive though, so that’s my only complaint.

  5. Kay Franey

    Easy to charge up and use

    Good strategy for thinning hair

  6. Nahid

    Works well

    It really good

  7. Skinny Mike

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Yes it works, within reason.

    October 2020So first off I didn’t buy this from Amazon. Got it from elsewhere as they had a 3 month money back offer on at the time. I am a sceptical git😊So I have been using this for 1 year now. 3 times a week for 3 minutes as directed.No, this will not reverse baldness, I still have my bald patch, but it does stimulate any remaining hairs or roots to grow.I have noticed that the hair I have is now thicker and definitely healthier. My ‘widows peak’ has covered up and my bald patch is less noticeable, but like I said, it’s still there.I’m not embarrassed about my bald patch, but I suffer from eczema and have always had an itchy scalp. So light therapy was always an option, and this brand had the best reputation, so I thought I’d give it a go, sort of get a 2 for 1 treatment.Yes, it has got rid of the itchy scalp and as a bonus I have more hair. I’m now 50 years old, at this age my dad, grandad and great grandad had varying versions of a comb over😅. I thankfully don’t need to do that.In summary, if your bald, it won’t do anything. If you have thinning receding hair, give it a go. At worst you scalp will feel better!Update October 2021Unit still working, hair is in good condition, eczema still under control. Bald patch has grown slightly, widow’s peak more noticeable.Still doing better than my genetic predecessors.Would I buy another if this one packs up, definitely. The improvement in my scalp alone is worth the investment and I’ve still got the majority of my hair, well mostly!

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