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Hairmax LASERBAND 82 ComfortFlex


Unleash the Power of Hair Regeneration with HairMax LASERBAND 82

tep into the future of hair restoration with HairMax LASERBAND 82. Designed to revitalize and rejuvenate your hair, LASERBAND utilizes advanced laser technology to stimulate hair follicles, promoting thicker, and also fuller hair growth. Its sleek, portable design allows for convenient use anytime, anywhere, making hair restoration a seamless part of your routine. Say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to confidence with HairMax LASERBAND 82, your key to unlocking a vibrant, revitalized mane.

Hairmax LASERBAND 82 ComfortFlex

Clinically Proven Hair growth Laser Device. FDA Cleared* for Men & Women.

Stimulating hair growth has never been easier or faster. The LaserBand 82 delivers therapeutic light energy directly to your hair follicles through 82 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). The unique curved design incorporates patented hair parting teeth which part your hair during treatment to allow optimal laser light delivery to your follicles. A proprietary 3 part synergistic system – the hair parting teeth, the laser light intensity and the laser light density work in unison to provide a highly effective treatment for hair loss and thinning hair.

Comfortable, portable and convenient for home use or while travelling. Fast, Easy and also Effective – treatment takes as little as 90 seconds, 3 days a week.

Hairmax LaserBand 82 Includes:

  • HairMax LaserBand 82
  • Rechargable Battery
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual – Quick Start Guide
  • 2 Year Laser Device Warranty

Now you can experience new hair growth with increased density and fullness with the LaserBand 82!

HairMax LaserBand 5 Month Money Back Guarantee:

We believe in our HairMax Laser devices and the benefits they provide to so much that we back it with a full 5 month money back guarantee.

Use HairMax for a full 5 months, if you are not completely satisfied with the results, return it for a refund *20% restocking fee applies.


Below are before and after photos showing the successful results men and women using HairMax Laser devices have achieved. See our actual clinical study photos including detailed macro photos. Photos provided by physicians and hair loss specialists showing the results their patients have experienced are also shown. (May not represent typical results you may experience.) (See Details)

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Customer Reviews

9 reviews for Hairmax LASERBAND 82 ComfortFlex

  1. lisa o’gorman

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s working

    I bought this directly from the site around 6-7 weeks ago. I’m impressed, it’s working. There are a lot of new hairs coming up and my parting has filled in. I’m really happy. Also my hair is stronger and not as much falls out when shampooing.

  2. haizhen lei


    Lo sto usando da tre mesi,devo dire che ha effetti positivi!sono contentissima!!continuerò ad usarlo!!

  3. Noemi

    5.0 out of 5 stars



  4. yi

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Very good

  5. Rose S

    IT WORKED for me, my mom and my clients…I am licensed hairdresser, this is a two year journey with this product company

    Wow I came here to review this product and read some of the other reviews…it seems like they are shills for the rival company…or they just do not know how follow directions. Most people want instant gratification. This product requires time and proper use. If you are just going to use it here and there and not wait for the progress to begin. You are wasting your time.I am a pro of 35 years. I know how hair loss products work. I also have a degree in science in health studies and I know how supplements work also. I tried High Frequency with no result And hair growth products like Nioxin the smell is unbearable to me and gave me acne and contact dermatitis ..Propecia and can forget that! i am not using a carcenogenic liquid or pills whatever NO! I remember when they came out and two of my staff members were pregnant and they had clienst on the meds and they were told by their OBGYN not to touch that hair…you get the NO!Why I decided to try Hair Max comb was I saw it at a hair trade show. I liked how the comb worked as opposed to the other models I saw this one separated my hair easier. I had some loss from years of perming and dying hair…I could always style it to hide that…But it was not until I went on Heart meds..Beta Blockers and later the even scarier anti arrhythmics for a very deadly arrhythmia. As my cardiologist told me I would lose hair…and I did. At first I was ok but then the rest was so dry and dead looking. I had two radical surgeries to rid of the meds that were wreaking havoc on my body. I had a melasma on my face, I was going bald, the nausea alone was never ending..they were destroying me. At that point my arrhythmia was deadly. So I did the drastic surgeries. I was weaned of the meds…but my hair did not come back…and the melasma was a battle to get rid of..big brown splotch on my face..You can imagine..but hey I am alive! And i was feeling better I wanted to look better too. Was not vanity but I wanted to feel better about it all. i was going through a terrible divorce also. The stress and All just did me in. I wanted to not see it whenever I looked in the mirror also. I also was getting older and entered Peri Menopause and I saw my hair loss continue like my Mom and her younger sister experienced. My mom said my grandma lost so much hir she had to wear a hed wrap as wigs were not possible due to migraines and facial nerve disorder that my mom has also…SO I figured what do I have to lose? I had tried supplements, lotions, massage, essential oils, gosh even some crazy eggs and whatever i could find remedies none worked. Volumizing shampoo just roughs up your hair cuticle and make your dryer than ever..Well I started in March of 2014 and I would say about two months of daily use..yes i did it every night. I was that desperate. Then at three months months I saw baby hairs…and they were black! Like my hair..not all gray like my hairline was.. Think..cruella deauville with paulie from sopranos bat wings LOL sorry but LOL gosh how horrid it was…but I remember three months as I was keeping track in case I had to return it. Plus summer was coming. The clincher was photos before I shiny head spots whenever a flash was used, suddenly it was notblooking that badly. OK I decided to keep …was no big whoop to do. I did it every night while watching TV..I went by my mom’s and showed her. She was so happy for me. She is not vain or anthing, but she had the babushka on her head. She was so happy for me I could not just do this for me…I got her her own hairmax comb.She is 81, so you can imagine how she was about spending money and she was at first not using it as much because she did not want yo break it. Annoying, yes but she is like that LOL you know how Moms can be. I told her she had to use it because I had only so many days to return it. So she really started doing it every other day. She also at first was like..I do not see anything, I am too old etc. At about six weeks I noticed not only with her but with me my roots came in faster. So I colored her hair sooner. OMG she was complaining that her skin stained and could not get it off..I drove all the way back to her house. She had this dark rim of darkness. When I looked closer IT WAS HAIR! Ok it was little tiny ones but still hair! LOL Reminded me of goldrush movies…GOLD!! we Had HAIR…LOL her skin was not colored!Of course she broke out this giant magnifying glass and inspected it. LOL with glassea too…but she saw it. If you ever saw an old woman do a italian folk dance LOL omg she was so happy. I never realized how much her thinning hair upset her. She wore lots of hats and all being a church woman I thought it was a style preferance. Wigs for her were not a choice as she had that same nerve thing my grandma had and after sever Bell’s Palsy she was terrified of anything that was painful to her head or face.By then I was at my fourth month and wow I had about an inch growth or what looked like it in my hairline.My mom also had more growth and also her hairline at the temples like mine came in dark..She was tough as the rest came in white she could not tell her new growth until I dyed it…because gray looks like scalp. When I dyed she noticed it..but still a pain about it. She wanted it faster. The frist few months takes time. Since she saw I was past that point and I was showing more growth and a news section was forming she stuck with it.I got the band when it came out again at the trade show. I loved it. I gave my comb to my Best Friend as she wanted to try it she is a hairdresser also after her hysterectomy she was thining also…I liked the bands ease of use..Three sections 90 seconds .GREAT! The time was not my issue as I was used to it. i liked the idea of better coverage.My mom was slacking off the comb..when I asked her why she said her arms hurt. As she is 81 with arthritis in her hands and all..I gave her my band and took her comb.She now does it as she should and finally about a year or so later we are able to do styles on her she has not been able to have and her temples filled in as well as the top of her head her new hair is shiny and healthy. Does not break and fills in nicely.My hair is amazing. I am at the eight inche lengthe for the new hair. I like my hair long but the new growth area is so much thicker than my bottom..I bought some clip in wefts just for my length to even out my thickness or else i would have had to cut off six incehs of length to even it out. The wefts work out well I clip the track in at the base of my scalp just below my ears and it all looks so great!MY hair is also silker and stronger. Wefts used to break my hair but now they do not.i can put my hair up and it looks so nice..and no more baldy photos. I hated being photographed and people posted it on facebook and i would see that flash baldness, upsetting.I turned my clients and friends onto it and they are all seeing results..but like me getting past that first three months is hard..because you wonder if it is working….just stick with it.I just came here to get a new band for me. I did not want to wait, I am a Prime member so. I buy from Amazon in case there is a problem i can send it back in a month. Also I like getting it in two days.Also I went to my doctor and she even noticed my hair was coming back. She could see the clear area of growth as I pulled it away from the scalp. She was impressed and took the info. She had seen me through my ordeal…so it felt nice that we had this thing behind me. No more reminders when I looked in the mirror.Sorry I rambled on…Maybe I should Write a book or something.But for someone in the biz to see these reviews. I do not buy them! I am sorry but this smacks of either not using it correctly or a competitor is posting these reviews. I so am grateful to this device and my mom also I just had to write this.I am so annoyed when people buy products and do not listen nor read. I have had this problem with clients to the point I actually had sheets made with directions on how to use gels, conditioners even straightening and curling irons. Why??! Because they do not read nor follow directiosn..Gosh I could tell you stories LOL that would make a great book!I hate to see a great product maligned by competition and people that love to bash things because it is not instantaneous. In an era of instant gratification people are too spoiled and expect things like this to work overnight. Chances are your hairloss took time to happen…the dormant hairs also need to be awakened, weak hair needs to grow in to see the new healthy hair. Do you think that happens overnight?I guess being in the Biz as long as I have I am annoyed at people that just bash things because they use it wrong or do not give it time.Hair products ate cosmetic, yes they make your hair silky maybe softer or look thicker but they are cosmetic…meaning topical and once you wash them out a time or two they are gone.I wanted my hair back and I worked in it. I spet my money and I used my lasers and they worked!Stick with it…it takes time…but It worked for us!

  6. HarrisHawk

    Keep your hair.

    I’m over 80 and Ive used the LasrBand8 every other day for two years. My hair isn’t thinning out. I wouldn’t quit using it for anything. The LaserBand helps keep your hair.

  7. Tim Stark

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Pew pew

    The teleportation and cloak features make this a fantastic piece of equipment, makes my job on board the enterprise a lot less stressful.

  8. Karen from Lincolnshire

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Time will tell

    The band was too tight for my head so I had to contact hair max for a smaller comb with smaller teeth (you can remove comb and replace it) That still hasn’t arrived yet as coming from America.I have started using it although too tight. I am using it in conjunction with Regaine 5% . I am optimistic that this laser product will work but only time will tell.There are earlier versions available but I went for the latest model as I guessed they continually improve things. I love that it’s only 90 seconds every other day. A regime even I can stick to!

  9. Client d’Amazon

    Bien reçu

    Laser bien reçu en temps et en heure maintenant reste à voir si c est efficace !!

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