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Professional Clinic Hair Growth Package

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Professional Clinic Hair Growth Package

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This exciting package is the exact same package used by leading professional hair loss clinics in the world available exclusively here at Regrow Hair Products

The one big difference is the price – Who wouldn’t want proven hair loss treatments recommended by top clinics at a fraction of the price?

The Package is designed to give you the best possible at home solution to treat hair loss and improve hair growth.

The package delivers the essential nutrients and treatments at the exact time giving you a complete hair workout regime.

Starting with the Viviscal Professional supplement – taking 1 after your breakfast and then once again after your evening meal will improve strength and vitality to your hair

Moving on to the ZGTS roller with the perfect length of 0.5mm will give your scalp perfect depth to promote collagen release to stimulate and regenerate your hair and scalp

increased absorption of nutrients are then added by introducing the Hairmax Acceler8 serum to your scalp directly after the roller and left in overnight for maximum absorption of essential hair promoting nutrients

It is then rinsed off in the morning using our DHT blocking and Hair growth shampoo Watermans Grow Me

Hair fall will decrease, hair quality will improve and hair growth will occur using our best home care solution recommended by Regrow’s sister Specialist Hair Clinic.

Included in the package:

Viviscal Professional (30 days supply)

ZGTS Roller (suitable for 6 months use for optimum depth absorption)

Hairmax Accerle8 Serum (will last 2 months approx)

Waterman Grow Me Shampoo (will last approx 2 months depending on usage amounts)

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